Due to my anxiety, I turned to meditation and yoga. Through Heather Hudson's guidance, I learned to listen to my body; to understand when to back off and when to push harder.

These lessons spilled into all aspects of my life. I started eating better and sleeping better. I no longer ignored my body when it was trying to tell me something.

My practice has changed my life, I have skills to help me work with my anxiety. Being healthier, more mindful, and stronger. I can breath my way through tough poses and tough moments at work. I am so glad developed my practice before I became a father of two.

I wish everyone could have such an awesome experience!

- Jim A

I love the warm, fun and playful energy that Heather brings to class. Was drawn to Heather from her article in
LA Yoga magazine.

She has a lovely way about her and is such a sharing spirit. Love all the wonderful inspirations she shares softly weaving in quotes and poetry to her class.

She is definitely the "positivity artist"!

-Monica K

I love Heather's class, her voice is so angelic, I end up falling asleep during shavasana!

- Roxie M

I had never taken a yoga class before, my mom and I took the Vinyasa flow class with Heather and it was wonderful!

Everything Heather was saying during the practice was very eye-opening and I had no trouble relaxing and coming in tune with my body. Can't wait to take another class!

- Chloe H

Heather and Christy are some of my favorite teachers. They just radiate positive and joyful energy. They seem obsessed with studying anatomy and the practice and history of yoga.  

I've been doing yoga for 10 years.  Since I started coming to their classes my practice has grown more than it has in the entire time I've been doing yoga.

- JJ

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