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Led by curiosity and a desire to “live life to its fullest”, I immersed myself into the arts, studied sciences and many different philosophies and practices over the years. I am an artist, a teacher, entrepreneur, a "Renaissance Women" at heart.

My journey with yoga and meditation began over 20 years ago which includes 13 years teaching and well-being coaching. What I love about these practices are that they are practical and attainable.

Through practice, I learned more about myself, developed skills to manage anxiety, found better ways to work with and process my emotions overall. Now sharing these practical tools that have helped me gain confidence, cope with anxiety, navigate grief and change patterns caused by trauma.

Integrating into my teachings, my life experience, knowledge, my love for poetry, science, as well as a sense of humor. Providing a well-rounded holistic blend that is both supportive and inspiring.

My goal is to empower you so that you can feel good, be happy, be healthy, feel free and live your best life!

500hr RYT Yoga Teacher (completing fall 2021)
300hr RYT Holistic Yoga Flow
200hr RYT Yoga Blend Teacher Training

Yoga and Somatic Psychology Immersion
Heart of Yoga Immersion

The Science of Well-Being
Yale University

Meditation, Holistic Yoga Flow

Meditation, The Power of Awareness
Greater Good Science Center, University of California

BS in Communications, Kinesiology minor
The University of Toledo

Discover your true nature. Live your best life!

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